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"Seed Money Sprouts Change For Tiny Non-Profits", CBS Morning Show (March 23, 2014)


Blankets Fur Beasties is over 10 years old now!
As of February 8, 2020 we have donated 6,058 items!

But there are still so many animals that need comfortable blankets, and fun toys...and most importantly, loving homes.
Please remember when you decide to bring a new four-legged family member into your life there are so many in shelters that are just waitng to share their love!
BFB featured in Cleveland Plain Dealer!

Young philanthropist delivers blankets to Greater Cleveland animal shelters: Animals in the News

By Donna J. Miller, Plain Dealer reporter

May 28, 2010, 8:30AM
Harley Helman.jpg                      
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Harley Helman is a 9-year-old philanthropist.

The founder and driving force behind her year-old Blankets Fur Beasties nonprofit has delivered 439 blankets, pet toys and treats to many of the animal shelters in Greater Cleveland.

Go to to see Harley in action.