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"Cage 92" Law


Please Help Me To Help All Animals

Since I started Blankets Fur Beasties, I have been to many animal shelters. I have also seen cases of abuse and neglect, including the dog in the picture on this page who was euthanized a day after this picture was taken. She was in "horrific" condition because she was neglected by her "owners".

What I think we need is a law or bill that says all public elementary schools in Ohio HAVE TO teach a humane education class to their students, a class that teaches proper care and treatment of pets, and humane treatment and protection of all animals.

I think if people are taught humane education at a young age, they will grow up respecting the creatures we share the planet with. That means less cases of animal abuse and neglect. It also means less animals ending up in our shelters.

If you would like to help me bring attention to this idea by writing about it to our state representatives, I have listed a few of the names and addresses of the representatives in and around the areas that Blankets Fur Beasties visits. Also, if you have any other ideas that can help me, please let me know about them.

Thank you for helping me!


Below are several Ohio district state house representatives.


9th District
Marcy Kaptur


11th District
Marcia Fudge


14th District
David Joyce


16th District
James Renacci

More information about Ohio's State Representatives here.